Mentale Beauty Spa

Mentale Beauty Spa

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15 minutes         €35
30 minutes         €65
45 minutes         €95
60 minutes         €120
75 minutes         €145

Alexandrite laser hair removal emits at 755 nm, the specific wavelength of the light beam and causes energy to be absorbed by the hair's melanin, destroying the hair follicle. This destroys the root and inhibits the formation of new hair, leaving the melanin unaffected. The method is virtually painless, thanks to the automatic skin cooling mechanism available exclusively from the laser of the American firm Candela. The automatic cooling mechanism also gives us the ability to deliver high energy even on darker skin or fine hair.

Whole Legs - Hands (mustache, eyebrow, bikini)€25
Legs (mustache, eyebrow, bikini)€16
Eyebrow formation€4
Eyebrow & Mustache€5
Brazilian Bikini€6


15 minutes


Back Cleansing (75 Minutes) (peeling, steam, massage, mask)

Treatment with deep cleansing of the back for sebum and dead cells removal. The aim is hydration and rejuvenation.