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A truly rejuvenating face treatment. Wrinkles are targeted with Micro-stream technology, for toning and tightening, dynamically stimulating the skin cells. Blood circulation improves and production of collagen and elastin increases. Red and Blue Light treatment soothes the skin, while Oxygen technology offers a unique sense of freshness and renewal.


Redefine your facial architecture with this revolutionary blend of massage techniques and microwave technology, which instantly activate and contribute to the softening of the skin and the sculpting of the contour. The Galvanic stream simultaneously impregnates the skin with bioactive formulas, which hydrate and tone, restoring its elasticity and durability, while the contour is dramatically elevated.


This powerful treatment, which aims at a more radiant complexion, visibly illuminates the skin, vigorously counteracting the uneven color tone, discoloration and aging spots. A unique complex of active whitening activators, together with Ultrasonic Peel technology and Light Therapy technology, are uniquely combined, aiming to reduce melanin and blurriness from the surface of the skin. The result is a clean, youthful and naturally transparent skin.


This revolutionary facial treatment, aimed at tackling an even color tone, combats imperfections and fine lines and helps transform its texture. The Ultrasonic Peel technology reveals a noticably smoother complexion skin. Steam and extraction deeply cleanse and detoxify before massage and light therapy restores equilibrium. Wrinkles and fine lines decrease sharply.


A powerful antidote to dull and tired skin. The Ultrasonic Peel technology pumps vibration energy into the skin to exfoliate and stimulate the removal of impurities and dead skin cells, whilst the Galvanic Stream technology harnesses the power of Elderberry and Orange flower extracts to restore moisture and vitality.


A deep cleansing facial, which detoxifies the complexion and repairs damaged tissue. This treatment uses the powerful Ultrasonic technology, specialized massage techniques, steam and Galvanic currents technology to decongest oily skin. Powerful antioxidants and Light therapy technology help balance the complexion.


Red Light Therapy that calms and soothes sensitive skin. The skin is infused with Oxygen to encourage cellular restoration, resulting in perfect balance and tissue regeneration. Red Light technology operates in full harmony with calming antioxidants to improve cell communication and skin's natural ability to repair itself. The result is a smooth and extremely soft complexion.


This facial treatment aims to de-stress, de-age and de-fatigue the male complexion. The triple action of Ultrasonic Peeling, steam and Galvanic current, deliver a deep cleansing of the skin whilst providing a powerful exfoliation. Oxygen infusion offers the highest possible results.


Anti-aging Therapy (60 minutes)

The number one treatment for ELEMIS worldwide. Suitable for tackling fine lines and wrinkles, with the clinically proven benefits of marine charged Padina Pavonica and Red Seaweed. Targeted massage techniques encourage optimum cellular function for nourished and younger looking skin.


Tightening and Lifting Treatment (Sensitive - Dry Skin) (60 minutes)

Enhanced by revolutionary technology, this treatment helps restore the facial architecture by using potent plant nutrients (stem cells), as it has been found to activate and support extra-cellular matrix. Shapes the face and provides a youthful effect. Ideal for double jaw and sagging cheeks or skin that has lost its elasticity.


Treatment for dull and stressed skin tone (30 minutes)

A nutrient-rich supplement rich in Superfoods and essential minerals that is designed to treat dull, stressed skin with rejuvenating, detoxifying ingredients. Clinically proven to leave the skin plumper, radiant, lit up and healthy. Ideal treatment for major events, weddings or immediate treatment of tired skin.


Treatment for combating oil for a clear and bright skin (60 minutes)

This treatment is a SPA Facial Cleanser. A deeply cleansing revelation for oily, congested or hormonal skin. This mattifying facial helps combat oil and shine, while intuitive massage helps restore micro-circulation. A deeply detoxifying treatment for clear and bright skin.


(60 minutes)

Clinically proven * targets the signs of aging and uneven skin tone. This pioneering treatment uses layers of enzymes for a powerful exfoliation and renewal of the skin. A new beginning, for smoother and younger looking skin.

* Independent Clinical Trials


Cleansing (90 minutes)
(peeling, steam, massage & mask)

A simple face cleansing is the most important task before any care and this is because only when the skin is freed from sebum, dirt and makeup can accept the treatments.


Deep cleansing with essential oils (90 minutes (Hydration, radiance, anti-aging, whitening)

Guided by our experience we developed a treatment targeted to the deep face cleansing and in the proper functioning of a damaged skin. A unique experience combining 6 essential oil care treatments.



Clinically proven LED light therapy with 5 targeted wavelengths. Ideal for all skin problems (anti-aging, acne, treatment enhancement, discoloration, rosacea).

Face – Neck – Eye (60 minutes)

The Cocoon Duotechnology system combines two leading technologies, Cavitation and Radiofrequency, which are used to effectively address major aesthetic problems such as cellulite, local fat deposition and facial and body sagging.


Neck (30 minutes)

The Cocoon Duotechnology system combines two leading technologies, Cavitation and Radiofrequency, which are used to effectively address major aesthetic problems such as cellulite, local fat deposition and facial and body sagging.


Treatment (60 minutes)
(Anti-aging, Whitening, Relaxation, Moisturizing)

It is an invasive technology that uses a special roll-on system for the application of active substances, completely safe and with a possibility to sterile. Each active ingredient product pack contains what is needed for a complete treatment and consists of the necessary mesogels and ampoules of substances.


Acid Treatment (Rejuvenation)

Advanced range of latest generation acids for rejuvenation and embellishment of the skin. They are indicated to improve the skin by chemical peeling and elimination of dead cells. Acid treatments are considered to be a very effective and safe way to induce intense regeneration of tired skin that has lost its radiance, encouraging the regeneration of the skin with fewer spots and wrinkles. In addition, depending on the acid to be used and its density, it can improve acne scars, photo-aging, spots and other imperfections.


Treatment (60 minutes)
(Anti-Aging, Firming, Moisturizing)

Genesis with the guarantee of mesoestetic. The only medical aesthetic machine with 44 protocols for face and body treatments using SmartDrivityTM technology. The clever combination of 4 technologies (RF, Capacitive, ResistiveRF, LED and mesotherapy) brought together to produce spectacular, long lasting results with easy and painless visible results from the first session.


Face Analysis

The skin analysis system uses multi-spectral imaging to reveal skin conditions such as signs of aging residing at the surface of the skin or hiding in deeper layers.

With proper image processing and analysis, we can evaluate skin based on six different criteria: wrinkles, scars, pores, discolorations, porphyrins (proof of active acne), and signs of photo-aging. This allows us to detect malfunctions at an early stage and address them before they become visible.


Σύστημα καθαρισμού ανανέωσης, ανάπλασης και σύσφιγξης της επιδερμίδας με απόλυτα φυσικό τρόπο.
H επαναστατική τεχνολογία βασισμένη στις αρχές της αεροδυναμικής, χωρίς ατμό , πίεση και κοκκίνισμα ,χρησιμοποιεί μόνον φυσικά συστατικά αέρα, οξυγόνο και αλατούχο διάλυμα που διεισδύονται με υπερηχητικές ταχύτητες επιτυγχάνοντας την επιθυμητή δράση στη επιδερμίδα.

✅Βαθύς καθαρισμός,
✅Βελτίωση Ουλών μέσω της χρήσης γλυκολικού οξέως