Mentale Beauty Spa

Mentale Beauty Spa

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Treatment for black circles, eye-bags and wrinkles (60 minutes)

The eyes are the most expressive part of our face and we want them to look relaxed. Eye Logic is a specialized treatment for the very delicate eye area and forehead. It relieves puffiness around the eyes, whitens black circles and reduces wrinkles on the "goose's foot" and the fine lines in the mid-eyebrow.


Anti-aging Eye Treatment (30 minutes)

Mesoestetic Genesis Facial Machine, stimulates the skin under the eyes and reduces wrinkles and bags. A more even skin tone is achieved. It greatly improves the face by giving it a lift provided that it ‘fights’ the double chin. It is suitable for sensitive skin with redness.


Eye treatment (30 minutes)

Treatment for the delicate eyes area. Restores wrinkled appearance, reduces puffiness and improves annoying black circles significantly.


(15 minutes)

See the world again with new eyes, with this rejuvenating treatment. Specialized ELEMIS products soothe and tone the delicate eye area, while a relaxing massage on hands makes you fall asleep.